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About YS-ISI

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YS-ISI is the young statisticians' group in ISI, which was established in 2010. The YS-ISI is devoted to provide a networking forum for students, post-docs, young researchers and professionals dealing with all fields of statistics, to discuss and share ideas and researches with the statistical community at large. The YS-ISI exists to bring together career-young statisticians around the world and to help support their career development and enjoyment. Everyone interested in statistics is welcome to join, particularly if you're a student or graduated in the last ten years and work in a statistics related area.

We will facilitate various activities to enhance communication between members and community such as the regional workshops, the scientific program at a meeting, the short courses and the social events. Visit the other pages for additional information or contact the current Chairman. Stay connected by joining our facebook fb <YS-ISI> or twitter twitter <@YS-ISI>.

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The Chair and Members the ISI-YS Special Interest Group must be members of ISI. Information on how to become an ISI Elected Member can be found here and information on how to become an ISI Regular Member can be found here.

Regional/country representatives of the ISI-YS Special Interest Group should be members of ISI/ISI Associations. The ISI-YS Special Interest Group Committees should encourage all SIG members to be members of ISI/ISI Associations. Information on how to become a member of ISI/ISI Association can be found here.