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About YS-ISI

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YS-ISI is the young statisticians' group in ISI, which was established in 2010. The YS-ISI is devoted to provide a networking forum for students, post-docs, young researchers and professionals dealing with all fields of statistics, to discuss and share ideas and researches with the statistical community at large. The YS-ISI exists to bring together career-young statisticians around the world and to help support their career development and enjoyment. Everyone interested in statistics is welcome to join, particularly if you're a student or graduated in the last ten years and work in a statistics related area.

We will facilitate various activities to enhance communication between members and community such as the regional workshops, the scientific program at a meeting, the short courses and the social events. Visit the other pages for additional information or contact the current Chairman. Stay connected by joining our facebook fb <YS-ISI> or twitter twitter <@YS-ISI>.


Goals of the YS-ISI

bullets Advise the ISI EC on how to encourage YS to join ISI, and what values and benefits should be developed and offered; how to promote the careers of YS; how we can offer a platform for YS around the world to get together and network;
bullets Promote and collaborate in mentoring activities;
bullets Promote awards within conferences and travel awards;
bullets Organize regional conferences, workshops and short courses/webinars;
bullets Coordinate with existing ISI regional networks and associations’ specific groups of YS.
bullets See also the Mission of ISI.