Course Title:Calculus (English Class)  [2016/02-2016/06]

  • Instructor: Prof. Han-Ming Wu (Associate Professor at Department of Mathematics)
  • Office: Liu-hsien Memorial Science Hall, S432,  Phone extension number: 3147。
  • Office Hour (Fri.) 17:10~18:00。 E-mail:
  • Class:The Bachelor of Global Financial Management (English Program) (商管學院全球財務管理全英語學士學位學程)
  • Credit:2/semester。Required/Elective: Elective。
  • Time:  Thr/08, 09; Classroom: B701
  • TA's class:  Tue。Teaching assistant: Jing-Han Xiao。
  • Course website:




Course Description

This course introduces the theory of the Calculus, the calculation approaches and its applications. The contents include (1) the integration techniques, (2) the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, (3) improper Integration and (4) functions of several variables. We aim to improve the students' interests in learning and to develop their thinking and computing abilities.


Tentative Syllabus (the syllabus is always subject to change according to the needs of the course as the professor sees fit)

Week Month/Day Content


1 02/18 Course introduction, 4.1: Exponential Functions; 4.2: Logarithmic Functions
2 02/25 4.3: Differentiation of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
3 03/03 5.1 Indefinite Integration and Differential Equations
4 03/10 5.2 Integration by Substitution
5 03/17 5.3 The Definite Integral and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Quiz (1):  4.1~4.3
6 03/24 5.4 Applying Definite Integration  
7 03/31 5.5: Additional Applications of Integration to Business and Economics


8 04/07 行政觀摩日(放假一天)
9 04/14 6.1 Integration by Parts; Integral Tables Quiz (2): 5.1~5.3
10 04/21


11 04/28 6.3 Improper Integrals
12 05/5 7.1 Functions of Several Variables
13 05/12 7.2 Partial Derivatives Quiz (3): 5.4, 6.1
14 05/19 7.3 Optimizing Functions of Two Variables
15 05/26 7.5 Constrained Optimization: The Method of Lagrange Multipliers  
16 06/02 7.6 Double Integrals Quiz (4)
17 06/09 端午節(放假一天)  
18 06/16 Final-exam



Textbook:Laurence Hoffmann, Gerald Bradley, David Sobecki, and Michael Price, Calculus for Business, Economics and the Social and Life Sciences, Brief Edition 11/e. McGraw-Hill Science. [新月圖書代理]



Grading Scheme:

  • Quizzes:30 % (four quizzes, each 7%、7%、8%、8%)。
  • Midterm-exam:25 % 。
  • Final-exam:30 % 。
  • TA: 15% 。
  • Extra: attendance, in-class performance/discussion, learning attitude, and so on。(No adjustment made for personal reasons)。
  • No homework assignments.

Note (in class)

  • The lecture is based on the use of chalk and blackboard. Please print lecture notes before class.
  • Rules on leave-taking by students: [淡江大學學生請假規則 第六條; 淡江大學學則 第三十八條]
  • Treat each other with mutual respect in the classroom.。
  • Do not be late to class. Be on time.
  • You can do in the class: (1) whispered discussion, (2) go to toilet quietly, (3) eating and drinking (without alcohol) but keeping the classroom clean。
  • You can't do in the class: (1) use laptop or play cell phone (please mute the phone), (2) chat, sleep, play cards, smoke。
  • Any questions, please contact lecturer directly or using e-mail or FB


Note (quizzes、grading)

  • The time for quiz is at second secton of the class on Tuesday. There will be about 3~4 questions。
  • The make-up quiz/exam is not allowed for no particular reason. Only one make-up is limited  out of 4 quizzes.
  • Exam notices: (1) examples, exercises  。(2) difinitions, theorems。(3) correct the mistake。
  • Cheating in exams is absolutely prohibited. Any form of cheating on an exam will result in a 0 for all the rest exams.
  • The scores for the attendance is extra (which is not contained in 100%). The students should attend the classes at least 2/3 of all classes during all the semester so that he/she could get these extra scores.
  • Contact the Instructor, if you have any questions about the grades。